Dr. Easton-Brooks publications focus on the impact of equity, diversity, education quality, policies, and practices on the educational experiences of students  


Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color

Rowman & Littlefield (2019)

Ethnic Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color is an in-depth exploration on the impact of ethnic matching in education, the paring of students of color with teachers of the same race. Research shows that this method has a positive and long-term impact on the academic experience of students of color. This book explores what makes this phenomenon relevant in today’s classrooms. Through interviewing quality teachers of color, this book sheds a light on the impact these teachers make on the academic experience of students of color. This approach is meant to provide all teachers valuable insight into techniques for engaging with diverse learners. Also, from these conversations, the book shows how the intentionality of culturally responsive practice can enhance the academic experience of students of color. Topics such as the challenges of recruiting and retaining quality teachers of color, as well as the valuable work being done on the local, state, and national level to promote diversifying the field of education as a way to provide equitable education for all students is also explored in this book.

State of Mind: A journey through the hills and valleys of life

Amazon (2014)

The book is a collection of thoughts and poems that reflect the hills and valleys of life. The book is a collection of thoughts and poems the author wrote from junior high school to adulthood. From a young age, the author used poem as a way to cope with life and the challenges it presented to him as he grew. The book represents challenges to find love, with God, with society, with past demons, and with self.

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Book Chapters

The Handbook on Urban Education

Easton-Brooks, D. (2013). Ethnic-matching in Urban Education in Milner, H. R. & Kofu, L. (Eds). The Handbook on 

Urban Education, pp. 97 – 113. Taylor & Francis, NY.

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The Race Controversy in American Education

Easton-Brooks, D. (2015). Bridging the Gap Teacher Education in Drakeford, L. (Ed). The Race Controversy in 

American Education. Praeger Publishing.

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Critical Qualitative Research Reader

Easton-Brooks, D. (2012). The conceptual context of knowledge in G. S. Cannella & S. R. Steinberg (Eds.) Critical 

Qualitative Research Reader, pp. 33 – 42.  Peter Lang Publishing, NY.

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